The Politics of Love – Max Harris and Philip McKibbin

Max Harris and Philip McKibbin’s rather wonderful ‘The Politics of Love’, in which they argue for a values-based politics informed by love. Given the failure of politics here and overseas, I highly recommend the article. You can also follow Max at his blog.

[The Aroha print above is by Shane Hansen. You can buy this online from him at]

The Aotearoa Project

Around the world, progressive-minded people are struggling to articulate an end-goal for politics. The Right, in most places, remains committed to the tight logic of neoliberalism (and its ideals of private property, liberty, and efficiency). The Left, meanwhile, has failed to respond. There are some who still have faith in a Marxist vision of the total collapse of capitalism; others in the radical tradition hold onto religious prophecies. But for the rest of us, the direction our political journey should take has become unclear. We do not know where we are going. At the same time, there is a growing disdain of politics generally, especially amongst young people. Politicians don’t look like us, they don’t behave like we do, and their ideas don’t connect to our needs. There is deep doubt, in other words, about whether politics is the right vehicle for collective struggle – even if we could settle…

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