Karl Du Fresne’s The Mysteries of a Modern Life: Reloaded!

More pressing questions for out troubled columnists (a reworking of Karl Du Fresne’s column):

Should columnists who abuse parents and kids for difference and divergence in names, language and outlook have a complaint laid against them at the Human Rights Commission?

Commodore Frank Bainimarama – the logical outcome of NZ’s economic & social colonisation of the Pacific right in our own backyard?

We’ve had Dancing with the Stars hysteria, MasterChef hysteria, The Block hysteria and New Zealand’s Got Talent hysteria – what unimaginable ordeals of real people have we avoided facing by fixating on what television has got up its sleeve?

Shouldn’t political commentators and media trainers be required to volunteer in their local community to understand what matters to actual people?

Is Coro St still on television?

Sports journalism is an occupational hazard if you read the news, but doesn’t it make you wonder if the millions of dollars we spend on sports is our ‘opiate of the masses’?

Have the old white male columnists finally woken up to the fact that John Key is incredibly smart, cunning and not likely to be defeated at the polls by their bluster?

How much more prosperous would New Zealand be if baby boomers stopped complaining about social media and saw Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as a revolution and transformation of community?

Is the blogosphere the only forum for media which is not beholden to advertisers which is why mainstream media attempts to caricature it as letting off steam?

Is Radio New Zealand’s Kim Hill consistently criticised by old white males because they fear women who demonstrate leadership and insight?

How many times the average wage of Fulton Hogan workers is the salary of the CEO?

Had enough of the racism?

When will someone admit that the popularity of Downton Abbey is reflective of a deep longing in Pākehā NZ for the Mother Country?

Is capitalism the most rapacious economic system in the land?

Closely followed by facism?

How hard can it be for old white males to put on glasses to identify who is talking on One News rather than moaning about the need for captions on screen? Actually, why the hell is anyone still watching One News?

Why have so many mature, educated New Zealand women had to put up with the promotion of rape culture under the guise of freedom of speech?

Why are so many NZ drivers so angry?

Man-Booker Prize winners excepted, do the media not make enough fuss about New Zealand writers?

Had enough of Air New Zealand’s green wash?

Given the respect that National MP Tau Henare has accrued by giving straightforward honest answers on Twitter, isn’t it time other MPs did the same?

Karl Du Fresne is described as a columnist, but can anyone remember one his columns that was relevant?

Shouldn’t the corporate interests behind TVNZ’s Q+A be required to identify themselves?

Given up trying to explain to baby boomers that we are bit past calling all ICT ‘computers’ now?

Where’s the justice in the rich being able to afford household disinfectants that claim to eliminate 99.9 per cent of germs, whilst our poor are dying of Third World diseases?

Since the 87 per cent “no” vote in the 2009 smacking referendum is actually irrelevant to anyone except violent fundamentalist Christians, why can’t old white male columnists understand that passing asset sales by one vote through Parliament is not a mandate?

Has “systemic failure” become a phrase because media outlets don’t do investigative journalism anymore, even when things go tragically wrong?

Has television pushing prime time back from 7.30 to 9.30pm upset old white male columnists because it is past their bedtime?

Now that they’ve taken a caning over the overcooked Urewera raids and the ludicrous swoop on the Kim Dotcom mansion, will the police ease off on the heavy-handed, American Swat-style tactics? [well done Karl, this is a good question]

Puzzled by all the media hype over the death of singer Lou Reed, whilst virtually no debate about his very interesting insights about drug culture, drug addiction and how our society is complicit in that?

When will advertising agencies admit that a lot of TV commercials are made to capture children early and enslave them to a consumer lifestyle?

Given their propensity for committing illegal acts in full view of referees and TV cameras, is it possible that rugby league players are the best case study of the violence endemic in our society?

Will someone please give John Banks a prison sentence.

How can we honestly complain about people posting a comment on a blog when we have systematically removed democracy and civics form their day to day life in the service of efficiency and effectiveness for the economy? Do you seriously think you won’t see revolution in your lifetime?

When did it become alright to judge people for their body size?

Given the striking resemblance in their views, could Karl Du Fresne and Chris Trotter be the same person?

Why are you at a self-service checkout at the supermarket when you could be at a Farmers’ Market?

Irritated by columns pretending to be comedic but actually just taking an opportunity to take a stab at others?