How NZ men raised their sons up to be Roastbusters

Amidst all the handwringing, anger, disgust and blame that has come with the revelations about the self-proclaimed Roastbusters, I have not been aware of any commentary on how we raised these sexual predators within the bosom of our community. I have no intention of providing a lengthy treatise on the historical foundations of our rape culture; clearly… Read More How NZ men raised their sons up to be Roastbusters

The Snip II

It has been very interesting going through the process of a vasectomy. I was complimented by my counsellor and thanked profusely by my wife for doing it. People were sensitive to not inquire as to the reason I was not available once I had said I had day surgery. Closer friends who had already the… Read More The Snip II

The Snip I

I had a vasectomy five days ago. I’m writing this reflection in two parts: the first part is what happened and all the questions you really want answered that aren’t in the brochures; the second part is exploring the systemic issues as to why we don’t talk about vasectomies. My wife and I have four children. We’ve… Read More The Snip I